About Us

Manorathi is a Section 8 Non-profit company. Manorathi was started by a group of people who have personal experience of living or caring for mental health conditions. We believe that mental needs are inter linked with all other needs of a person. We want to widen the scope and reach of mental health care, by including physical health care, work, relationships, social support in its purview.

Our Target Groups


Support and psychosocial care to group of people by
  • Providing affordable mental health care services
  • Facilitating formation of social engagements and support networks
  • Conducting community outreach programs to connect people with relevant services and resources
  • Capacity building and training of health care workforce in needs and care of these groups









Our Events

Mental Health Recovery From A Lived Experience Perspective
Talk by Mona Sharma at 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM IST  – A Day On Ginnys Planet.  
Body & Mind : Relation between Emotions & Health
Under the MISSION SHAKTI Project, Ms. Mona Sharma is going to take an online lecture on Body & Mind :…
Talk on – Sexual Health & Functioning in Women
Dr Nimmi Rastogi, who is an expert in matters related to hormonal changes at diff. stages of life. Shivani Purnima,…


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