About Us.

Widen the lens on Mental Health beyond psychiatric treatment and therapy.

Manorathi is a Section 8 Non-profit company. We aim to integrate Mental Health in every-day dialogue.

We believe that mental needs are interlinked with all other needs of a person.

We want to widen the scope and reach of mental health care, by including livelihood, relationships, social engagements, physical health etc in the purview of mental health care and support.

Support Programs

Built around the Interest Related Groups (Music, Art & Cooking) and Physical Health Program.

Capacity Building

Training organizations in Engagement of People with Lived Experience along with Psychological First Aid and Self care.


Mental health awareness program for institutes, organizations, students and teachers.


Sensitization and support programs for young adults and teachers/administrators in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Clinical Services

Therapy at affordable rates and referral for psychiatric or psychological assessment and treatment.


Research on Engagement of people with lived experience and Stigma.

Community Engagement

Interest Groups and Language classes for children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions.

Livelihood opportunity

Liaising with community based organizations to develop livelihood opportunities for people with lived experience.