Mona Sharma

She is a public mental health professional and a cognitive behaviour therapist. She trained at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health USA and Beck’s Institute USA. Mona has worked in diverse areas of mental health care, as a trainer, clinician, researcher and a mental health advocate. She has experience of about 20 years of working in India, USA, Switzerland, Nepal and Middle East, across diverse domains such as providing mental health care in humanitarian context, rehabilitation programs for chronic mental health disorders, development of electronic and virtual mental health care resources, mental health advocacy and capacity building of mental health professionals and health counsellors in mental health care. 

Mona firmly believes right to Mental health care is a universal human right and that mental health should be a part of everyday dialogue.

Nishi Sikka

She has an undergraduate degree in Arts and she has obtained diploma in Designing. According to Nishi, her daughters are her lifetime awards and she has devoted more than 30 years in taking care of her family. After reaching a stage where her care responsibilities had reduced, she realized  a need to reach out to people to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Nishi is particularly interested in emotional issues experienced by women who are homemakers and are not engaged in work outside their homes.

“There are mental health services for school children, for professionals working in offices or for people who reach hospitals with their problems. What about people who are staying at home, either due to their age or domestic responsibilities. They are almost forgotten and not thought to have emotional issues or need for mental health services”.

Shalini Ahuja

She is a public health researcher and a physiotherapist by training. She has a PhD in public mental health research from King’s College London and a master’s in health management, planning and policy from University of Leeds, UK.

Her research work includes design and implementation of behaviour change interventions addressing various public health challenges including chronic malnutrition, mental health treatment gap, Antimicrobial Resistance, infection-prevention and control, all in the context of low and middle income countries mainly India, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia. 

Shalini is a care-giver and a mental health advocate, who wishes to bridge the evidence to practice gap by creating a platform to provide support services to people with severe and enduring mental illness.

Pratibha Gambhir

She has an experience of more than 30 years of caring for her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer at an early age. Pratibha has spent most years of her life caring for her family (parents, daughters and grandchild). 

Pratibha believes that caring for parents is as important as it is to care for children, at one point it becomes the same when parents start to behave like your child or grandchild. According to her, Self care and emotional well being is very important if you want to remain the pillar of support and strength for your family.

Isha Garg

Dr Isha Garg is a Physical Therapist with 8 years of clinical experience in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. She completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj, Delhi in 2012 and holds a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi in 2010. 

Isha is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and IASTM practitioner. Besides her clinical skills, she is trained in Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Aerobics and Spinning Training from Mangalore and conducted training sessions in Yashoda hospital. She has also learnt Basic Wheelchair Skills from Indian Spinal Injury Center, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

Isha has published in the Journal of Physical Fitness and Medicine and Treatment in Sports. She is a strong believer that interplays between mind and body hold a key to injuries and other health ailments. She has disseminated her work through blogs published in Asian Age Newspaper. 

Himani Kandpal

She is a Yoga enthusiast, music lover, loves listening and telling stories, enjoy long walks, loves eating and cooks only so she can eat. According to Himani, she is a common human who prefers happiness and health above all and believes in building a healthy community by helping others experience joy through healthy mind and body.

Himani has obtained a diploma in Yoga from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. She is also a trained transcriber. Currently, she is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Psychology from IGNOU. 

Sunny Ahuja

He is a Mechanical engineer and did his B.Tech from Kurukshetra University in 2006. He has 13 years of experience in Robotics & Manual Press shop Production, Production Planning & Control. 

Sunny worked as a Mechanical engineer for JBM group, where his role was to improve the product design for manufacturing plants and prepared product analysis and reports for management. He is a keen strategist with experience in managing entire production operations with key focus on top line & bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. He has an expertise in managing technically advanced cost-efficient, state of the art production systems and processes viz., TQM, TPM, Kaizen, etc.

Shivani Purnima

She is a Clinical Psychologist (licensed) and has about 7 years of work experience in the areas related to child development, insomnia, sleep apnea, female sexual dysfunctions, domestic violence, and common mental health disorders. 

Shivani has an M.Phil degree in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS Delhi. She provides individual therapy, family therapy and rehabilitation counselling. Shivani follows a community based approach in her clinical work. She wants to explore alternative therapies such as art, music, dance as a way to explore and express self. 

Shivani believes that we have a control over our development and seeking help in tough times is one of that quality.

Akanksha Agarwal

She is a Counseling psychologist (MA psychology) and she has done a 2 year certificate course in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from Saarthak (NGO) in Delhi.

Akanksha is currently working as a school counsellor. She has worked with mental health NGOs in rehabilitation of people with severe and enduring mental health disorders. 

Akanksha believes to form a connection with people, we need to learn to look beyond their problems and disorders.

Shivangi Tal

She is a clinical psychologist (licensed) trained at IHBAS Delhi.   

Pankhuri Kaushik

She is a Project/Product Manager with more than 9 years of technology & leadership experience. She believes in turning ideas into realities. She has worked in building varied products in her journey like education, marketing, Autism and child developmental tool and more products in counting.

She grew up with her grandparents. She has seen his grandfather with PSP (Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy) for almost 7-8 years, which is a rarest of rare disease where a person faces problem in walking and swallowing, looses his balance and speech . Pankhuri and her family understands what goes in to be a care giver of a person who physically got handicapped but mind was brilliant.